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Meet John Haddock

John Haddock grew up in Uxbridge and spent most of his youth here. Although his travels took him to far away places, when it was time to raise his family, Uxbridge was the only choice. He wants his children to experience the beauty and quality of life Uxbridge offers. John lives on the 4th Concession with his wife Sandy, their children: Lauren, James and William.

John has enjoyed a successful career in business running a sporting goods wholesale company, working with big business and small independent retailers alike. Although in 2008; most big businesses faced a tremendous shock due to the economic meltdown; his business survived and thrived because of his strategic planning and foresight. As a second generation Uxbridge citizen, he has seen the town evolve under various administrations and is committed to seeing Uxbridge thrive yet remain affordable to its residents and especially to its businesses.

Why run for public office?

John Haddock believes he can bring needed change to Uxbridge policy makers by fighting for Uxbridge taxpayers. Uxbridge residents pay high taxes and yet not enough services are offered in return. Residents in Ward 3 do not enjoy the same level of services as our neighbours in other wards, and yet we pay the most taxes. John believes in freezing property taxes for homeowners and focusing on helping businesses thrive in Uxbridge.

How do you propose helping businesses in Uxbridge?

The first proposal will be make the downtown more appealing to visitors by working with the farmers markets, the heritage railway, and other groups to collaborate on joint events. Visitors should experience the beauty Uxbridge offers as well as its businesses.

The second proposal will be to help develop more businesses in Uxbridge. There are several Provincial and Federal grants for rural communities being offered to neighbouring towns, why not Uxbridge? John Haddock believes in working with various entrepreneurs to get them started through mentorship and access to grants to open new businesses, and this means more quality employment in Uxbridge for Uxbridge residents and more commerce, and more businesses servicing visitors and beyond.

What experience do you bring to Uxbridge?

John Haddock brings years of business experience, trade negotiations, and decision making to Uxbridge politics. Municipal projects very often go over-budget, this is not acceptable in the private sector. John Haddock wants to change the way projects are negotiated and use a business approach to tax funded projects where budgets are followed and timelines respected.

John Haddock is not a career politician and he believes sometimes politicians forget to think like taxpayers before spending tax dollars. He wants to make sure the quality of life in Uxbridge is never sacrificed due to poor policy making. Projects that go over budget before they begin, or changing plans mid-way cost millions to taxpayers, and yet policy makers seem untroubled by it. This would never be acceptable in any private company, or household. Why is it acceptable in municipal government?

It is time to revaluate the priorities for taxpayers before overspending becomes the norm. Taxpayers’ money is hard earned money and should never be spent unwisely.

I am asking you for your support on November 23, 2015

Allow me the privilege to fight for you to keep Uxbridge
Beautiful, Strong, and Vibrant

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  • Ballots are mailed out Oct. 20
  • Last day to mail in your ballot is Nov. 09, 2015
  • Election Day is Nov. 23
  • Last day to drop off your ballot is Nov. 23, 2015